Thank you, FBC family, for your gracious long-suffering and creativity in our present parking pickle! We are thankful to be able to continue using the Seventh Day Adventist Church parking lot next door on Sundays. Please use this alternative. We will continue to run a shuttle van back and forth, so that you don’t have […]

If you missed it, or if you just want to review the information, you can view the video recording at this link until around Oct. 10th (then it will disappear): You can access the slides used through this way: go to and at the top center of the screen, enter the PIN […]

The Long View on Cost Considerations The Elders have discussed the need for growth in our facilities for TEN years. Those discussions have considered such wide and varied solutions as: modular (double-wide trailer type) classrooms trying to covert the present auditorium to two-stories of classroom space and adding a new auditorium “out front” (on the […]

Sometimes we feel like we are drifting along through life. I don’t mean being overwhelmed at the beginning of a new school year and all of the fall festivities. I mean feeling like you without a spiritual purposeless. Have you felt that way? Maybe you grew up around the things of God, with Bible stories, […]

Great News, Part A: The Lord graciously provided a pathway for FBC to cross the final hurdle to zoning and variance permissions on our property. We are grateful to Him and all those involved in the approval process. We are legally clear to apply for a building permit. Doing so requires putting together a complex package […]

Lord willing, the Ministries Center building project professionals team will submit our official request for zoning ordinance variances by Friday. Please pray that the officials and building department experts will all look favorably on our requests and grant them all. There are a couple of aspects that are unusual due to EPA-type restrictions near the […]