Many among us are asking, “So, what’s going on with the building?” Let me try to answer that. We engaged TomCo to help us do an assessment, in what we’re calling Phase 1.  We know that the worksite was left in an unsafe mess.  That has been cleaned up to a large degree and put […]

Here’s the latest short list of info and prayer concerns for the Building Project: Praise the Lord! We have engaged a local contractor to assess and clean up the present condition of the building site. From the assessment, we and they will be able to determine what remediation needs to be done and at what […]

This is just a reminder to pray for the Special Thanksgiving Offering for the Building Project. Building Fund donations given in November will be matched up to $40,000.  This is a special opportunity for our church family to tangibly express our gratitude for God for His bountiful goodness to us. Special giving envelopes are available. […]

Praise the Lord! and thanks for all y’all’s prayers! Our building permit has been reinstated as of late last week. Here’s what to expect: This week – meetings and phone calls to get us back into our subcontractors’ schedules, create a new construction timeline. Reconcile architectural, structural, and shop fabrication drawings to get all specifications […]

As of noon today, we have signed an architect on the team. Praise the Lord! What does this mean? we can proceed with the re-permit process the architect must review and re-certify all the drawings then the drawings have to be re-submitted to the country for permit approval the country “promises” to take only 5-7 […]

Thank you, FBC family, for your gracious long-suffering and creativity in our present parking pickle! We are thankful to be able to continue using the Seventh Day Adventist Church parking lot next door on Sundays. Please use this alternative. We will continue to run a shuttle van back and forth, so that you don’t have […]

On Easter Sunday we want to be especially mindful to be kind, gracious, and friendly to guests. One way to do that is by leaving the closest parking spots for them. We’ve added parking on Sunday mornings at the Seventh Day Adventist church next door (to the East/PTC side). We’re also providing a shuttle van, […]