I have been blessed to have a good Christian education. I graduated from a Christian college and spent seven years studying at three different seminaries. I know the Bible pretty well. But the main reason I know the Bible as well as I do is not because of the college or the seminaries. I know […]

We hear much about joy even in this most craziest of years. As we spent our money in the stores, the music carried words like: “Joy to the World!” “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”, and echoes of “Joy, joy, joy!” While the celebration of the incarnation of Jesus, gathering with loved ones […]

I ran into a man who recognized me as a local pastor. He said that he had been to the church a time or two and said that he knew he needed to visit again. I told him that the Christmas season is a great time to come to church. In this strange season of […]

Sometimes I have a higher priority on eating than I should—especially around the holidays. I can eat too much or too often. Even though my mind has very good reasons, my waste line says I’m guilty. One time as Jesus was in the heart of his earthly time, he was so busy he and his gang […]

Someone has said that Thanksgiving is the most Christian holiday in our country. Setting apart a day to consider all of the blessings we enjoy, and to be thankful for them is truly noble. As the first Pilgrims gave thanks with the Indians that first Thanksgiving Day, so will many throughout our land this Thursday. […]

I write these words before the election that you will be reading after the election. I hope the outcome has been clearly decided by the time you see this article. Either way, I’m sure there is a part of us that is just glad that it is over. Cut-throat campaigning wears out souls. I look […]

Some issues in our society are foundational. What you think about one key issue can have massive implications for other issues. What a person believes about life is a foundational issue. When does life begin? Is life worth protecting? Do all lives matter? What is the basis of lives mattering? These are essential questions with […]

I admit that sometimes I like to be provocative in these articles to make a point. I want to stir you up to think about life’s hard questions in light of the Bible. It’s okay to be passionate about your opinions if your opinions are biblical. But it is also okay to challenge our convictions […]

One survey reportedly claimed that over sixty-five percent of all men at Christian colleges are looking at pornography on the internet twice a week. That figure is just below what non-Christian men do at secular colleges. Women are also increasingly entrapped by pornography, as well. These numbers are alarming. Looking at provocative pictures on a […]

One byproduct of the pandemic has been the disruption of church attendance. In the middle of March 2020 churches all over the country shut down. While many churches soon offered online options, churches navigated the challenges of reopening in a variety of ways. Since June our church has split the congregation in half by letters […]