The best ministry happens in the context of the closest relationships. Spiritual growth is not about following a formula, or merely filling your head with content (even Bible content). You have to live out God’s truth in real life within the context of community. God made us to need each another. The relationship component of […]

Imagine your surprise if one day as you walked along in a field your foot stumbled over a metal chest of some kind.  Although hidden from plain view, it jutted up just enough to give you a jolt.  As you carefully examine your speed bump, you realize that it is not an empty box. Your […]

Billy Graham was arguably the greatest evangelist of our lifetimes. The boy from a farm in North Carolina preached the gospel to 210 million people face to face in 185 countries! And that doesn’t count those Billy reached through the radio, TV, movies, and his books. He preached faithfully for over 50 years. Anyone who […]

To many people Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. As the old song goes it is filled with family and friends of good cheer. Holiday traditions make the season bright and merry. But for those who know about the baby, who is the basis for all of our celebration, it is even more wonderful. […]

How easy was Thanksgiving for you? I’m not talking about preparing the meal or even getting along with a difficult relative. Was it hard for you to stop and thank God for all of the good things he has done for you? Perhaps you’ve fallen out of the habit. You used to think about God. […]

One of our goals in life should be to have a helpful influence for Christ on others. Certainly, we want to be a fragrance of the Lord’s grace in our homes, but we should also seek to elevate others’ commitment to Christ among our church family as well. Paul laid out his game plan in […]