Recently I heard someone describe the importance of being part of a “Bible-reading church.” That phrase caught my attention.             I have often heard (and said) that a Christian should be part of a Bible-believing church or a Bible-preaching church, but I have never thought specifically about the importance […]

Sometimes my daughter doesn’t want to finish the game. When she makes a costly mistake and she knows that her score will not be one of the best, she just pushes the button to start the video game over right away. If there were a restart button in life, how many times would you have pushed […]

Christmas is beautiful. Beyond the bright lights and decorations, the story of God the Son wrapping his glory in flesh and blood is profound and precious. Amid all of the hurry and hype, gifts and goodies, people and presents, let’s take a few moments to savor the wonder of the incarnation. The term incarnation means […]

While some people enjoy this season as the most wonderful time of the year, others shuffle along through the sludge of sorrows. The holidays have the power to amplify feelings of loss. Instead of filling the final part of the year with festive gatherings of family and special friends, giving and receiving extra-special gifts, there […]

Money is so important in a marriage. We are stewards of all that God has entrusted to us. We must make enough money to support our families. Money can be a tool to enhance our marriage through thoughtful gifts of flowers or a needed vacation. Money provides opportunities to serve the Lord by giving together to the […]

Encouragement is a good gift from God that helps people make it through tough times. Every Christian ought to be a regular participant in both giving and receiving encouragement.The Hebrews were going through intense persecution for saying that they were Christians. They were tempted to revert to Judaism. The author of the letter to those […]

Christians used to think of fathers as the pastors of their families. While that seems strange to some, it does express some biblical concepts. God has appointed husbands and fathers as the heads of their families. 1 Corinthians 11:3 says, “But I want you to understand that Christ is the head of every man, and […]

In a dog eat dog world cynicism comes easily. We lose hope for ourselves and can easily find the worst in others. Other people are fine as long as they are helping me, but if anything changes, I can just toss them aside and move on. Although cynical attitudes saturate our society, they are not […]

Mark Twain said somewhere that, “It is not the parts of the Bible that I don’t understand that upset me; it’s the parts that I do understand.” I may not have that quote exactly right, but the point is familiar to anyone who has read the Bible. The role of Christian women is spelled out […]

Marriage provides incredible opportunities for two people to grow as Christians. The intimacy of a husband and a wife unlocks doors which can be utilized for mutual benefits. No one will ever know you better than your spouse. No one will appreciate your spiritual strengths, and no one will experience you at your worst than […]