The truth out of balance is often a bigger spiritual danger to a person’s soul than outright error. It is not enough that a teaching is true according to the Bible, it must always be held in its biblical proportion. The family is an area where truth can get out of balance. In the past […]

Do you know people with compatibility issues? This could be a couple, dating or married, that have extremely different personalities, styles, likes or dislikes, hobbies and interests, or even approaches to the checkbook. It’s been said that if two people in a marriage always agree about everything, one of them is unnecessary! But shouldn’t couples […]

Can a person know for sure that they are a Christian? Most agree that the answer is yes, absolutely. But an important follow up question is: On what basis can a person know that they are a Christian? Many people, especially in the south, think they are Christians. If you have attended a funeral lately, […]

How would you describe the successful Christian life? If you were following as closely to the Lord as possible, what would your life look like? Believe it or not Christians have very different approaches to the Christian life. In the same way that the archer needs to know where the bull’s eye is before he […]

Once C.S. Lewis created a fable to communicate how the words and pictures in the Bible about heaven might express how wonderful it will truly be (The Weight of Glory, New York: Touchstone, 1980, p. 85). He told his readers to imagine a woman in a dungeon that had just a little patch of daylight […]

When there are more expenses at the end of the month than money at hand, terrible feelings swirl. All kinds of thoughts and motivations manufacture terrible mixtures of miserable emotions. You worry about the growing credit card debt and its massive interest rate, the collecting agencies calling, how the family will be fed, if the […]

Many people assume that after a person comes to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation that the gospel is no longer a regular part of their lives. That notion is wrong.  The gospel is the greatest comfort a Christian can enjoy. The deeper your understanding of the gospel is the further the comfort extends. […]

Do you feel like a spiritual failure? I suppose those feelings find their way into many different kinds of people. Perhaps you have really messed up with your family. On Sunday your spouse (or former spouse) is going to have your kids packed up and ready for church in the morning while you will be […]

Over the years, I occasionally preach a sermon on Sunday morning just for kids. Actually, I am being tricky, because even though the vocabulary and the imagery is very kid friendly, these sermons have often snuck up and grabbed the hearts of the adults too. Let me give you a sample of what I said […]

There is much more to wisdom than being intelligent. Wisdom is the art of skillful living. It is becoming a craftsman at life. Anyone can become wiser, but likewise, anyone can become more foolish. We are all on the scale and moving one direction or the other. According to God in the Bible, the heart […]