Recently Vermont Senator and former presidential hopeful, Bernie Sanders, showed a remarkable ignorance of both the United States Constitution and the basic beliefs of Christianity. In a confirmation hearing of Russell Vought for the Deputy Director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, Senator Sanders offered challenging questions not about Vought’s math skills, […]

Recently, a person commented that they didn’t want to visit a church because it was “too Calvinistic.” Smiling, I wondered at all that must be behind such a remark. What does it mean for a church to be “too Calvinistic?” How would that person define these terms? There might be a church that would be […]

  Calvinism is on the rise. That label that once was considered bad in almost all Christian circles is actually experiencing some popularity. Surging numbers of Christians are attending Calvinistic conferences, listening to Reformed preachers online, and reading their books. Calvinism is still grossly misunderstood, and has had to overcome so much negatively biased press. […]

Businesses spend great amounts of money to hire efficiency experts to suggest ways the business can improve. Coaches constantly look for ways to correct athletes and make them better. Artists will benefit from critics and teachers to see ways to perfect their work. Each of these examples involves people or companies benefiting greatly from the […]

How can two churches that claim to have the exact same purposes look so different? Reaching out with the gospel to unbelievers is the cry of most evangelical churches, and yet the way they seek to carry this out is vastly different. Most churches say they want to try to build up Christians in the faith. What […]

I have been blessed to have a good Christian education. I graduated from a Christian college and spent seven years studying at three different seminaries. I know the Bible pretty well. But the main reason I know the Bible as well as I do is not because of the college or the seminaries. I know […]

Someone has described a classic book as one everyone has heard of and no one has read! Growing Christians are regularly receiving input, like plants grow with water, fertilizer, and plenty of sunshine. God’s word is the most important source of input, through personal reading and hearing it proclaimed, but don’t underestimate the power of […]

Someone has said that Thanksgiving is the most Christian holiday in our country. Setting apart a day to consider all of the blessings we enjoy, and to be thankful for them is truly noble. As the first Pilgrims gave thanks with the Indians that first Thanksgiving Day, so did many throughout our land last Thursday. […]

The news is filled with questions about our nation’s political future. Who could’ve imagined that such a long-time stable country could be in such an uncertain state? With most all of us directly or at least indirectly affected by the future of our country, it is critical to think rightly about the situation. It is […]

Of all the members of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit seems to be the most misunderstood. Some churches talk so much about the Holy Spirit, the church members may wonder if the other members of the Trinity are even around. But on the other hand, many churches react against an over-emphasis on the Spirit by […]