Moving Ministry Details

This Ministry specifically serves members of Faith Bible Church.  The ministry comes alongside individuals and families to help them through the laborious and often stressful time of moving from one home to another.  The ministry seeks to encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ through practical service and counsel.

  • What we provide:
    • Counsel on moving process, material requirements, etc.
    • Widespread solicitation of volunteer labor on your behalf, ideally tailored to meet your need based on discussion with you
      • Volunteers are typically willing to work for roughly four hours (example: 9am to 1pm) including a break for lunch
      • Volunteers for specific tasks, such as packing/unpacking, etc. can be requested as needed
    • Solicitation of volunteers to provide lunch for everyone working on the move
      • If you would like to provide the lunch for your move, that would be wonderful, otherwise volunteers will be solicited on your behalf
  • What you provide:
    • Sufficient notice of your need for help – two weeks or more is good
    • Rental of a moving truck sized appropriately for your situation (U-Haul is recommended for local moves)
      • Generally you should provide the driver of the truck (for insurance and liability reasons), but if you need someone else to drive for you, we can discuss it
      • If a moving truck is not needed for your situation, alternate accommodations/arrangements can be made to suit your situation
      • If you need a moving truck but cannot afford one, please contact the Moving Ministry leader privately about financial assistance
    • Availability of some basic tools for disassembly / re-assembly of furniture, Utility connections, etc.
      • If you’re unsure of what is needed or don’t have tools for these tasks, please let the Moving Ministry leader know so that someone else can bring tools
    • Cold drinks for the moving crew at all work locations – water, Gatorade, soda, juice, etc.
    • Personal solicitation of volunteer labor
      • Ask your K-group to help
      • Ask your church friends to help
      • Ask neighbors, friends and family members to help
    • Willingness to help as able with future moving ministry opportunities

The Moving Ministry works best when all the expectations are clear and when the individual(s) who are moving understand their needs and make preparations accordingly in advance of their move date.

Moving Ministry
Andrew Meade