Sunday, March 29, 2020


Theology Class:  The Theology of Biblical Counseling class for Saturday, April 4th will be a remote video conference.  More information will be sent to those students.

Rescue the Perishing:  We had a couple turn away from aborting their child today!  Pray for David and Marsha, who are keeping their baby. 

Elder’s Email:  There will be a weekly Friday email from the elders regarding plans and updates for FBC. Things are changing day by day so this is a way to keep you informed about church services and ministries.  If you need to find out about the updates before Friday, you may reach out to the elder who is over your K-Group.

Church Office:  If you are new or not getting updates about the church, send an email to and let Kathy Parish or Rose Daley know so we can put you on the church emails.  The church office will be open on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 8:30am-4:30pm.  We will be checking messages and sending out emails all week. If you have a prayer request or need to get in touch with someone, please email or call the office. 

Keep in touch:  We have a couple of ways to keep in touch with our church family:  The men have Faith Brothers on Face Book, the ladies have Women of Faith on Face Book, the Youth Group has an Instagram account, and Robert Wauhop has a You Tube you can subscribe to.  

FBC Livestream Service:  When you are live streaming the service on Sunday, use the Chat function in the upper righthand corner so we know you and your family are joining us during the service.  After the Livestream service, we have question & answer time. If you want to send a question, please send it to Jimmy Oliver via email and the pastor will answer your question through live streaming.

Temporary Shopping Ministry:  If you are an individual that is in the high risk category for Covid-19 Virus or medically fragile without local support about getting basic supplies or prescriptions, please contact Franklin Lawrence about your needs.  Then if you are healthy and are willing to be a shopper or driver, please let Robert Wauhop know and we will try to put the two together to meet a need during this season.

K-Groups:  We have asked K-groups not to meet in person.  You are encouraged to call one another throughout this time.  Some groups may want to use various video apps to have a video conference.

Men’s Fellowship:  Men’s Fellowship will not be meeting at the church, but will Skype from 7:00-8:30am on Tuesday mornings.  If you have any questions, please get in touch with Pete Lorincz or Jerry Gunter.

Missions Conference:  We are planning on having our annual Missions Conference on September 4-6th, so please mark your calendars.  There will be more details about that as the day approaches.

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